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Hands up if you're ready for consistent sales 

Smash to Cash

30 day 1:1

What's included:

- One 60 minute 1:1 call so we can create a marketing strategy for your business.
- Unlimited Voxer access to me for 30 days

Smash to Ca$h is a program that consists of my eyes on your business for 30 days straight making it the highest income month for you!

PLUS: Voxer is a free voice messaging app meaning DAILY 1:1 support and my eyes on your business for 30 days so you can sign more clients making it the highest income month in your business! Program starts at $497

1:1 Consulting

90 days

What's included:

- Six 1:1 strategic coaching calls 
- Unlimited Voxer access for daily support 
- Access to all my past courses and programs I run during our 90s days together.

PLUS: Your own google folder with a content calendar, launch plan template, caption templates, homework, and so much more to simplify your process and put you a step ahead to scale your business! Program starts at $2400

Working with me 1:1 means we are creating offers that your ideal clients are craving from you. I will help you gain massive visibility, and implement effective marketing strategies so you can reach your financial goals.

client love

client love

"Before working with Kaila I felt overwhelmed and unclear of the direction of my business.

Every week, I had pages of notes and tools that she provided that helped me! I now have the tools and clarity I was missing in my business." 

- Kylie, Keegan Creative

“I have been working with Kaila for the past 3 months. I have launched 3 new offers and I have a marketing plan that is so solid and gives me direction in my business. I have created an engaged community, secured multiple spots on podcasts, and achieved a paid speaking gig. My income has now increased 5 times from what I was making before I started working with Kaila.”

- Emily at Emily Writes Well

"After only one call with Kaila, I have really enjoyed working with her. I love all the feedback she is giving me and the changes she is making to my marketing strategy. It has made it better. She is helping me be consistent with showing up. She has also helped me think through what my clients gain from working with me. Thank you, Kaila."

- AdeOla Fadumiye at Crys & Tiana

frequently asked questions

Do you offer payment plans?

I always offer payment plans because I want to make it extremely accessible for you to get support and start seeing results in your business no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

How should I prepare for coaching calls?

All of my 1:1 clients receive a private google folder where I put all my notes and recordings from our calls. I also encourage my clients to create their own document in the folder where they outline goals, questions, ideas, etc that we can discuss and go over on the calls.

Why do I need to focus on marketing to grow my business?

Working with me as a marketing coach means we will rework all your services and offers, making it easy for clients to say yes to working with you, and teach you how to gain visibility. That is the formula to signing more clients and scaling your business!

Will I get results?

Honestly, that’s up to you. How committed are you? What’s going on in your personal life? What I can promise you is that I will show up every day for you, and do everything I promise. As long as you show up, ask questions, take action - I can’t see how your business won’t improve during our time together.

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